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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Disney College Program: My First (and Last) Day of Class

I'm usually on top of deadlines. Every semester of college, I logged onto course registration the second it opened with my perfect schedule already planned. However, I decided last-minute to try out a course through the College Program.

There are three kinds of courses through the College Program. The first is the collegiate series. These are college-level courses that you could get three credits for through your university (hopefully). These are graded pass-fail and involve assignments, exams, etc. The Disney Exploration series are seminars where you learn more about some aspect of the Disney company through site visits and guest speakers. These are not graded. Professional Development Studies are more technical training classes for subjects like finance and engineering.

I registered for Advanced Studies in Hospitality Management, a collegiate series course, both because it was one of the few classes available and because I never studied hospitality in college and wanted to learn more about it. The course was $10 for course materials. When I told my CP alum-roommate this, she looked at me like I was nuts. Why would I take a collegiate class when I had already graduated and wasn't getting any credit for it? But I thought I should at least give it a shot. You're allowed to drop a class with a full refund after the first week.
Binder with notebook paper

I headed over to Patterson Court Classroom 8. I was able to enter the complex by explaining I had class and showing my CP ID. The classrooms were in a building on the right side of the complex with signs pointing the way. In the classroom, there were tables with Disney Internship binders in the middle. The binders included notebook paper for taking notes. The teacher's name was Pamela, who was both intelligent and funny. However, after hearing about the class content, I realized the class was not as specialized in hospitality as I was hoping and was more of a general business class. During the class break, I talked to Pamela and she agreed that the class wasn't right for me.

Patterson Court Classroom #8
I've decided I'll be taking a Disney Exploration Series class during the fall. It was worth a shot and I was glad to meet Pamela. Now it's off to bed for Traditions bright and early.

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