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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Disney College Program: Traditions

This morning was Traditions, essentially a working-for-Disney-101 class that all new employees take. After a quick struggle to figure out how to zip up my dress (apologies to my sleeping roommate who was awoken for the cause), I arrived at Disney University at 7:50am for my 8:00am Traditions class. I would recommend not arriving any later than that if you're driving from off-site, because they started checking people in as soon as I got there. The dress code was business professional and we were each checked for the Disney Look. I saw a girl checking in before me who was sent away from check-in due to a tattoo on her finger. I'm not sure if she was able to go fix the issue and return or if she had to reschedule her Traditions, but I would recommend just adhering to the Disney Look; you're going to have to do it every day at work anyway. Don't think they won't notice; the trainers are experienced and know where to look. At check-in, we were given our cast member IDs, which will be our entrance passes until we receive our main gate passes.

The building was beautiful on the inside, with Disney history and photos all over the walls. Most of the Traditions class was sitting and watching videos/powerpoints on safety, company policies, and Disney history. We got some Mickey ears!
Mickey ears!
We took a field trip to Magic Kingdom. We were given "whisper ears" (headset walkie-talkies) so the trainer could talk to us as we walked through the tunnels and the park. I was glad to be able to stake out the Magic Kingdom cast areas, since I'll have my Magic Kingdom orientation there on Saturday. After returning from Magic Kingdom, we had an important visitor: Mickey Mouse! He brought us our name tags. It feels so official now!

Name tag!
Tomorrow, I'll have my "Welcome to Operations D" orientation, bright and early!


  1. For your nametag, I've heard you can put down whatever you want (more or less) for like where you're from? (Like I see yours' says University of Maryland so awesome I'm from Maryland myself). But can we put other things other than, say, university? Like I've heard of some people putting down "Wonderland" or "Neverland" or something.

    1. Because we were in the college program, they automatically put our colleges/universities. I'm not sure about what people outside the program are allowed to do, but I've never seen anyone with imaginary places on their name tags.

  2. As a former CP, I eventually said I "lost" my name tag in order to get my city put on there instead. Sometimes you get some really mean people who discriminate against you because you're a college student. It sucks, but it's true. I preferred my hometown on the name tag, myself. :)

    Hope you're having a great time! I miss those days.

    <3 Katie