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Monday, May 26, 2014

Disney College Program: Web-Based Interview

Hey y’all. I will be participating in the Disney College Program as a Vacation Planner for Fall Advantage 2014. I will be starting on June 9th. I’m getting super excited, so I figured I’d start blogging now. To begin, I’ll go over the process of getting accepted and preparing for the arrival.

The first step after filling out the application was the web-based interview. I received the invitation to participate in the web-based interview a few days after the application deadline. My impression is that everyone who meets the qualifications of the CP based on your application is invited to the web-based interview.

The web-based interview was a series of personality questions to which you were asked to rate your level of agreement and disagreement, from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree”. I searched online for advice beforehand and saw two main pieces of advice:
  1. Be consistent, not perfect. Obviously it seems like the “right” answer to “I am organized” is to strongly agree. However, it is more important to give consistent answers than to give the “right” answer. The same question will be asked several ways. For example, the statements “I am organized”, “My room is neat and tidy”, and “I like to keep my desk ‘just so’” could all appear throughout the quiz. If you answer “strongly agree” to “I am organized” but then don’t agree that your room is neat and tidy, it will show that you were not consistent. It’s way easier to be consistent if you’re honest. The idea is to test how well you know yourself.
  2. Make strong statements. I do not tend to choose “strongly agree” or “strongly disagree” during quizzes, but that was the advice I read online. Again, the idea is to test how well you know yourself and how sure of yourself you are. Don’t artificially pick only the “strong” answers, but don’t be afraid to hit the strong button.

The results of the web-based interview were sent to me shortly after completion, just a few hours I think. Once I got the email that I passed, I was invited to schedule a phone interview.

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